Senior Relocation

We handle the many details
to reduce your stress


Life hands us many challenges to add to our normal busy lives, but one of the most challenging is when we, or our parents, reach the stage in life when it is necessary to make a major life transition.

This may mean the death of a loved one, declining health necessitating a move to a new residence, an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, or the decision to move forward to an active retirement community.


Many seniors are choosing to *Age at Home* and need assistance with rightsizing their home in order to remain at home. We can help to de-clutter and organize the home, add safety features and help to dispose of all of the extra items in the home that you no longer need.

In our very busy and mobile society we often relocate for our careers or we may choose to downsize our homes after our children leave home. … can help you take away the stress and organize your move, clean out that garage, basement or storage unit and help you plan what you need to bring to fit into your new home.

Our society has changed dramatically in the last 50 years:

We are living longer and the Baby Boomer Generation is reaching the age of 65 and the number of seniors in our society will double in the next 20 years.

Children are more likely to live great distances from their aging parents.

We have more obligations and stresses in our lives and not enough time in the day or enough energy in our systems to do everything that we normally have to do.

There are so many options and life style choices available today and how do you decide what will be best for you and your loved ones?

As Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists, … specializes in seniors and we can assist in making your transition as positive and stress free as possible.

We also help those with disabilities or needing assistance for any reason. Our services are personalized to fit Your needs and we can provide as many or as few services as You or your loved ones need.

This list is only a guideline as each relocation or transition has different needs.